The End

So, tomorrow is the day.
Tomorrow; less than 24 hours from this moment.
Within a day the end will be there.
Will be here.
For now, no end yet.

I'm wondering: will we be around; are we going to live through that last day too ?
Will we be able to watch "it" happening ?
Or maybe all (and all of us) will be gone this midnight ?
It will be silent when it's over.


It's busy in Bugarach, France.
People from all over the world are gathered there.
The Mayor almost has a nervous breakdown.
Bugarach is considered being the only safe place on earth in today's apocalyptic matter.
This is going to happen:
Deep in the Mountain of Bugarach, there is an enormous garage for UFO's.
Aliens are sitting in these spacecrafts waiting for the day to leave their cellar and to fly up high into the open air.
As we know, that day will be this Friday.
The Mountain of Bugarach will split open and throw out huge manned frisbees.
The alien pilots will pick up anyone who's in or closeby the small village and transport them to a safe place.

In China, a young farmer has built huge round survival balls.
Ping pong balls with a door in it.
When tomorrow an enormous tsunami will drown the earth, the farmer and his family will be safe.
They're surrounded by a round space, have fastened their seatbelts and the party can go loose.
The costs of each ping pong ball was around 32,000 euros. The farmer has built at least ten balls.
His daughter: "My father better could have bought us a nice apartment and a new car".

In the Netherlands (some) people have built a private 'Noahs Ark'.
Understandable, in this land which lies beneath sea level.
One of the arks is in a town, which is situated in the small 'Bible Belt'-area.
The owner of the vehicle and his family will hide in the ship and they will safely sail away (when God approves, of course).
On their way to a promised land, they will leave all behind.
People in the town are strongly against the plans of the ark-owner. His children are been bullied since the news spread.

In a Reformed province, reformation hardly makes life clear and easy .


And what'll I do?
I'm lucky and grateful: I have a huge cold and I certainly can not leave my home.
For me, that is the best option.

France couldn't have been of any help for me.
I would jump down from any mountain immediately when making eye-contact with an alien ...
(were there no other rescuers available ?)

China: well, as being lightly claustrophobic, the ping pong ball is out of the question.
And, suppose instead of a tsunami, there will be an enormous earth quake and the ping pong will end in a valley ...
Imagine: the ball will be sandwiched between two mountain walls with the door at the bottom of the valley ...

'Noahs Ark' maybe ?
No! The risk of being stuck in the 'Bible Belt' is way too high.
Better avoid nightmares before dark !


I will stay at home. I will be fine.
But, in case of ...
Or, suppose that ...
Please do know and please do accept that I love you all.
That I always have (also when love seemed to be missing) ;
and that I always will.

Wishing you all a nice Friday :-)