My Mother

Tonight, a year ago, my mother passed.
She left just after midnight, between 1.00 and 2.00 AM.
I felt she was leaving; felt her breath at my right cheek.
As a kiss.
My mother wasn't a generous kisser.
She was a worker, raised a huge family, always busy.
She reached an age, higher than the number of years in a century.

365 times that I've dressed and undressed, since she lost her veil and finally, we became closer than we ever were.

After she had died, I started to walk.
Going on, going forward, I thought.
But it appeared I walked backwards instead.
I was on my way to the beginning of the rainbow.

No golden treasure is waiting at the beginning.
In the beginning there is chaos, darkness, anarchy.
A 'something' made me dive down ~ down to a platform and to the edge it.
If I would have had enough courage, I probably would have reached the hollow of the earth.

Woh-oh, and then, she was with me.
Took me by the hand, we turned around and she started to show me a road back.
The road back to new things.
She shows me.
And since that day, gratitude for receiving my life has come to me as never before.
Through my mother ...