Last night, it lasted till early dawn before I finally fell asleep.
So it was already late when I left the house today.
On a road, I came along a wall where it says 'karma'.
In huge capitals.
I was on my way to the employment office, where you can look for job opportunities.
There was this one: "Picking up trash and dead leaves in the gardens around the mortuary'.
A job for 2 hours a day.
That is not enough. You'd die (and stay forever in the neat garden).
On the way home I passed the Karma-wall again.

I found an empty beer bottle and brought it to the supermarket.
Then went to the books shop, but I had forgotten who had written La Storia.
I told the woman that I had expected to remember the author.
It's our age, she said.
But I'm sure she meant mine, 'cos she's not as old as I am.
As a sweet help she gave me a tiny notebook.
I'm crazy of small notebooks.
When I left the store a mad man was yelling and shouting and cursing at everybody.
He kicked bicycles on the ground, yelled more and finally left.
I bought some food and went home.

Nothing ever happens here.
Such a dull small town.