International Train

I've seen it myself.
I saw it right away.
It was him.
Definitely !
I was at Central Station.
And there he stood waiting.

No, there were no people.
Yes, it was busy.
But he was alone.
Like I was.

So I said 'hello'.
And he nodded friendly.
I knew he was a kind man.
Because he was known as a kind man;
Which was true.

I nodded back.
But didn't dare to start a real conversation.
You can't do that..
However, I could have asked:
'Are you traveling alone?', or:
'Are we waiting for the same train?'

I was on the way to Brussels.
Traveling together would be nice.
Interesting too.
He would have been pleasant company.
For he was a kind man.
He smiled at me.
I nodded back.

Suddenly, noise ended this royal magic.
People began to walk forward.
The train was on time.
Everyone rushed to an entrance.
Everywhere everyday people.
All dressed in drab colors;
A gray mass, in a gray wave.

Instead of hurrying, the man rushed with dignity.
He wasn't gray.
He was wearing white and gold.
A bit of a weird white suit.
Black hair, a black crest.
A remarkable man.
A kind man.

He took my train.
So we were at the same track !
I had to wait, but once on board we left right away.

I headed to the front carriages
where I hoped to find him.
The train was full.
The train was empty.
He wasn't there.
Nowhere to be seen.

I walked back and forth,
(it bothered people);
And finally I sat down.
Next to a window.
With view on a day in disguise.

I felt sorry for the man.
He had been incognito and no one had noticed.