Get Up! Stand Up!

It took a while this morning, but finally I got up.
I needed almost two hours for many attempts to leave the bedroom.
The struggle started already at around 2 in the night.

I woke up from a nice but short sleep.
My body hurted.
It wasn't the back pain in the first place.
It were the sheets and the pillows and my night clothes.
Everything had changed into bubbles and wrinkles and it felt like stabbing knives (I think).

First, I got rid of the thin blanket.
Then I did away a pillow. And an other one.
I had pushed it all in a corner of the bed.
That was hard work !
It's only possible to move little by little.

At the physio yesterday, I asked for the paper with exercises.
Danielle said: 'Not yet. It's too early now. You'll get it later this week'.
But this night, while I was trying to rearrange my sleeping place, I thought: 'This is much harder than any exercise I will ever do'.

Of course I couldn't sleep anymore.
I felt this and I felt that, and couldn't find a way to rest a little bit.
It's strange how such a comfortable place can become a nightmare itself.
I wanted to get away from there, but it was still too early (4 or 5 or so).

In the early morning I fell asleep and dreamed of a cat who showed up through a hole in the floor and did catch a mouse who came walking along.
It was a beautiful blue gray cat.
Such a sophisticated kitty which often is the main character in cat food advertisements.

At around 9, I almost decided to get up.
Instead, I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep again.
That didn't work no more.
Best thing to do was to leave right away.
Only ...I had no idea how.
The bed was a mess and so was I.

The way I got up yesterday appeared to be not the solution for this morning.
I couldn't lean on my left side.
Nor on my right side.
Lying on my back I couldn't get up (of course not !).
Sometimes a stretched leg seemed to help, but that wasn't the case.

I can't remember which trick finally did the job.
But I noticed this:
every time I made a little tiny progress, it was in a way I didn't expect.
It was like a move in the opposite direction, a move 'backwards'.
The same as with glasses.
When you need the glasses to be more tight, you would bend the frame towards the head.
But that's not the right way.
The optician will bend it the other way around.
And the result will be exactly what you asked for.
It was the same with getting up.
The best results I got with moving in a way I didn't think would be useful.
But it was.

Anyway, after two hours and after a lot of calming myself down by taking breaks and by breathing, I stood on my feet again.