"I know your father is not that strong anymore.
 He's fragile, looks grey instead of plain pale.
 How I'd know, you wonder ?
 I've met him.
 When I came home and opened the curtains of the room, he was there.
 He waited on the balcony.
 Don't ask me how he managed, but he arrived by bike.
 I was surprised, worried also and let him in.
 He started to talk and argue immediately.
 Like in the old days. As he always used to do.
 But he was tired. I could see that.
 A friend who was with me stood staring at the old man.
 I said: put away your stuff, let's help him to lay down. He has to rest.
 And so we did.
 When I looked up, I stared at an empty wall.
 The cabinet and everything in it was missing.
 No trail of destruction.
 Shadowed lines on the wall and an old man on the floor.
 That was all.

 I think you'd better go home.
 Your father might be waiting for you."